HGC enables CU Coding to successfully commercialise CUHK research

Hong Kong, 10 May 2021 – HGC Global Communications Limited (HGC), a fully-fledged fixed-line operator and ICT service provider with extensive local and international network coverage, services and infrastructure, today announced the provision of one-stop managed telecom and ICT services to CU Coding Ltd. (CUC). 

(Left 1st) Mr Alex Chan, General Manager of Enterprise Market, HGC; (Left 2nd) Professor Patrick Lee, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, CUHK; (Left 3rd) Mr Aldous Ng, Co-founder and CEO of CUC; (Left 4th) Mr Chris Chow, Head of Product and Project Solution of HGC; (Left 5th) Ms Cecilia Wong, Executive Vice President, Product & Innovation of HGC

CUC, an active member of the Incu-Tech and Leading Enterprises Acceleration Programme (LEAP) of Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP), is an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) for Network Coding Technology applications. CUC operates the patented technology nEdge and nCloud solutions, invented and researched by The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). The new partnership underlines HGC’s support for start-ups and how it can help them expand their market presence and facilitate growth. 

In response to the rising trend of multi-cloud applications across corporates of various scales, the nCloud, a network-coding-based multi-cloud storage system, can significantly enhance data storage security by distributing data among cloud storage providers, thereby lowering operating costs and streamlining access. CUC’s other patented technology, nEdge, can boost 5G communications and Smart City development by connecting Internet of Things (IoT) end-points.

To launch the technologies in the market, CUC has received an integrated solution from HGC to advance its platform, including multi-layer security, Smart IoT service, network connectivity and infrastructure hosting.

Powered by HGC’s Smart Server Rack and Smart AI Portal (SAIP), CUC can effectively monitor its facilities with AI alert to enhance overall security, which has become the first advance toward a “Zero Trust” security framework. To further advance the facility management policy, an innovative record-and-alert approach is adopted to record and monitor actual operation temperature, and authorized persons will be arranged to conduct an inspection at CUC’s infrastructure when an alarm is received.

Professor Patrick Lee, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, CUHK, and also the founder of nCloud and nEdge solutions, said, “nEdge and nCloud are deeptech in nature. Deeptech is defined as a scientific breakthrough or significant advancement which has far-reaching implications across sectors and can potentially change human life for the better. We have conducted applied research on large-scale storage and networked systems, including distributed systems across edge and cloud computing. Our effort ensures that nEdge and nCloud can achieve their guarantees of performance, scalability, dependability, and generality. We are very excited at this successful commercialisation of new technologies, leveraging the capabilities of HGC and CUC.”

Aldous Ng, Co-founder and CEO of CUC, said, “The successful landing of nEdge and nCloud in the market is from the teamwork of CUC and HGC. nEdge and nCloud are the best examples of deeptech commercialisation by collaboration between industry and universities in Hong Kong. The process of commercialisation entails understanding of the markets in general, identifying potential users and targeting as many people as possible who will benefit from these breakthrough technologies.”

Cecilia Wong, Executive Vice President, Product & Innovation of HGC, said, “HGC has extensive experience in serving businesses of different scales and being an enabler of other service providers. Apart from HGC’s top-notch network infrastructure, a variety of other core services such as cloud, unified communications and A2P-SMS API gateway enables customers to address their primary and on-going business needs. HGC is delighted to support start-up companies such as CUC and provide a cutting-edge service platform that enables them to focus on core business and business development in local and overseas market with the support of our regional professional team.”

Chris Chow, Head of Product and Project Solution of HGC, said, “Start-up companies usually struggle to select the right service and best practice to maintain their operation. HGC’s Smart+ portfolio facilitates system monitoring with IoT. Our self-developed SAIP is a consolidated platform to link across HGC services with AI and IA (Intelligent Automation) capability. We aim at transforming IoT from the traditional Internet of Things for monitoring into Intelligence of Things, emphasising operational efficiency. The unique AI Alert function enables different user groups to communicate based on severity level to drastically reduce users’ decision cycle.”

Alex Chan, General Manager of Enterprise Market, HGC, said, “HGC always supports SMEs and we are energizing different business partners, in particular start-up partners to capture growth opportunities in a dynamic business environment and maximize business efficiency and ROI by fully utilizing their product’s competitive edges so that they are able to get to market in a faster and smarter way.”

Kiki Wang, Director of Incubation and Acceleration Programmes of HKSTP, said, “Data-driven innovation is essential for realising Hong Kong’s smart city vision. It’s encouraging to see HGC and CUC joining forces to apply deeptech for the benefit of the data community. We are proud of CUC taking a big step forward in commercialising its potentially life-changing innovation, having progressed to where it is with our targeted incubation and acceleration support. With our network in the region, we look forward to helping CUC and other start-ups in our ecosystem to tap opportunities in the wider playgrounds of the Greater Bay Area and ASEAN.”

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