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Product Overview

iBackup is the backup solution with deduplication and multi-cloud storage backend support. iBackup backups your important data and restores them on your needs. iBackup is not only compatible with traditional on-premises file storage as a backup repository, but also the multi-cloud storage, nCloud.

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What is iBackup?

iBackup connects to the nCloud datahub and provides backup services to an enterprise. Network coding is applied to the data and stored at a remote site. Data diversity, security, and failure protection are hence provided to the stored data.

iBackup automatically saves the storage footprint and cost of the backup repository through deduplication, in addition to compression. iBackup provides file backup and restore. It supports backup on designated directories or files. Users can browse the list of backups, as well as files stored in the backups. Users can flexibly choose between full and incremental backups based on their needs and considerations in storage efficiency and restore performance.

iBackup can also store backups to the reliable multi-cloud storage, nCloud to provide an optional cost-efficiency offsite backup solution to users.


  • Rest Assured Security: Out-of-the-box resiliency, availability, and security by the geo-distributed nCloud technology
  • Faster Access Performance: faster data upload and download than single cloud because of our RAID-protected nCloud architecture
  • Better Bandwidth Performance: Speed of compression of data size by the nCloud Client/Server deduplication Technology  
  • Easier malware/ransomware recovery 
  • Detection of data abnormalities
  • Compression
  • Cost-effective
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Use cases:

There are multiple scenarios in which iBackup can be useful:

  • When file backup and restore solutions are required
  • When deduplication is required for backups
  • When multi-cloud backup storage is required

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