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Product Overview

iNAS is a shield-like mechanism that guards and tracks your work and protects your file from potential dangers. With the protection of iNAS, unauthorized actions such as infection or illegal decryption can’t take place. Besides, stealing files over the cyber world protected by iNAS is improbable.

What is iNAS?

iNAS-as-a-Service is the technology to overcome the complexity and potential risks and faults. iNAS provides a shield-like mechanism which ensures our works are being guarded and tracked, files and data are being protected behind the scene. It is not possible for unauthorized operations such as infection and access from encrypted files directly. Also, it is not possible for stealing files over the networks since there are locks and guards provided by the shield. Some of the features of iNAS are given below.


  • Cybersecurity: Check-in and check-out protection; Audit trail
  • ERP Extension: Paperless for ERP, HRM and CRM
  • ERKS: compliant to HKSARG standards
  • Multi-level Cybersecurity Protection
  • Multi-step Identity Verification
  • Electronic Recordkeeping Software as a Service
  • Save Active & Archive files on iNAS
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Use cases:

iNAS is being successfully used by our clients for document management. iNAS can be used for the following scenarios.

  • Higher security: IP protection is the key concern, iNAS on Azure with web interface allows each member has its own login, access control is in place, Azure secure platform solution relief them from worries of hardware failure or virus attack.

  • Increase in efficiency: iNAS supports SMTP, other useful iNAS features including Audit Trail, Content Search and Auto Classification based on projects, manual work of manage emails and documents reduce substantially.

  • Ease of use: To replace the file server, iNAS supports WebDAV. Members can mount iNAS drive the same way as mounting to the file server. User experience is retained for using File Explorer to open iNAS documents.

iNAS Features:

Security and Access Control over NAS:

  • Protected with multiple encryption layers against illegal decryption
  • Designed with a Institutional (Mindset for SMEs & Schools)
  • Seamless Transition from Major Data Storage Platforms
  • Customizable User Interfaces
  • Assign different access limits for sub-users within your institution

iNAS File Direct:

  • Mount drive to iNAS by WebDAV
  • File access on request (not sync)
  • Audit Trail to log user access
  • Version Control

iNAS Email Direct:

  • POP3 setup to dedicated email accounts
  • Email auto-download to iNAS Web UI
  • Compound Document Type for attachments
  • Full Text Search

iNAS Scan Direct:

  • One button scan to iNAS via WebDAV
  • Chinese and English OCR
  • e-Discovery Content Search

Check-in / Check-out:

From the shield like mechanism provided by iNAS, every files are being encrypted and stored in protected containers. In order to operate on the files, we should do check-in or check-out on the files which makes the files available for our works. Fortunately, iNAS provides tools which make this easier and transparent to our operations.

Audit trail:

Furthermore, the mechanism also provides audit trail to keep tracking on every events. This makes compliance easier according to regulated policies and rules. There are reports which also makes easier management on history and operation tracking.

Azure and O365:

iNAS is available on Azure and Office 365, and being an integrated component for business and make record management easier for works. By partnering with Microsoft, CU Coding is pleased to provide cloud-based record management solutions to Azure and Office 365 users, and providing the shield like mechanism to protecting the users from potential risks and faults.

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